About the shop

La Cucaracha Press was born out of my young artist mind, and took physical form in 2011.  It started out as a print collective, and over time evolved to become a custom studio serving a wide array of clients.  The shop currently resides in downtown Kansas City.

The printshop offers screen printing and letterpress services, including textile printing.  We also regularly print many other types of work like foil stamping, die cutting, Risograph, and even bookbinding.

The main work at the shop is with small maker-businesses, marketing firms, artists, and many other local businesses.  The best aspect of working with La Cucaracha Press is that your work is created with care by an artist who has a passion for this stuff.

About me

I’ve been an artist since I can remember and a printmaker since taking a random class at the University of Iowa.  Like most art schools we studied art history, drawing and painting, but at Iowa they had an impressive print studio equipped with all the traditional forms.  There was a press there so old that Goya was reported to have used it.

I left Iowa and eventually got my masters from New Mexico State University.  After travelling to India and back, I randomly I ended up in Kansas City where I opened this little printshop named after a book I once read.  I now work full time at La Cucaracha creating custom printed goods in all forms for lots of people and businesses.  When I find time, I make art.  Sometimes I go rock climbing.