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La Cucaracha Press is the work of artist Nicholas Naughton.  He performs custom printing and art services out of his print shop in downtown Kansas City.

Studio: 1735B Walnut St. Kansas City, MO 64108


Business Hours: by appointment but I’m there pretty much daily.

Print Capability

Silkscreen, letterpress and relief are my primary means of printing, though I have experience with almost every form of print technology.  My shop regularly screen prints posters, t-shirts, and other flatstock goods, ranging from short run high-quality prints to mass-production of simple products like notebooks, paper bags, and t-shirts.  I serve a niche for people looking for independent local production services, for small businesses, and for people looking to work with an artist who offers quality work at a good price and in a timely manner.


Design Services

I regularly perform design work for a variety of clients’ projects, ranging from text layouts, logos and branding to custom art and illustration work that requires more of an artist’s eye and trained hand.  Almost all the design work I do is specifically geared towards printing, but my work is applicable in the digital realm as well.  I design with the Adobe CC suite, so providing custom vector artwork is a standard for me.


Art Studio

I’ve been a practicing artist for years, and though my work is more focused on printing for clients these days, I still take the occasional commission.  Each year I show in a variety of galleries and art spaces, keeping my connection to the fine art world as I learn to function in a business space as a printer.  My work has a social connotation, and ranges in content, but most of the time I produce carved woodcut panels that function much like a painting, but feature wood grain, tactile detail, and elegant incised lines in the wood surface.