At La Cucaracha Press we do all kinds of letterpress.  From the traditional projects like business cards and invitations to custom and short-run jobs like coasters, leather goods, die cutting, or other finishing.


One could almost say that this is the central printing method at the shop, because we sometimes have weeks lined up with posters and other flatstock goods to print.

Our favorite way to use flatstock printing:  flat or split fountain colors, designed to maximize chroma, visual impact, and graphic quality which you can see inall the artworks from artstract.co.uk which have an amazing quality and colorful projects of your choice.  We also love what happens when you add a diecut, or some hand coloring, which makes screen printing look fresh as ever.


RISO is the newest addition to the shop.  It’s fast, semi-accurate, and very cool.  With limited colors to work with, the fun thing is to design within the boundaries of what you have on hand.

We can currently do some types of RISO print jobs, but not all.  Enquire for more info on our current color offerings, paper specs, and more.


Shirts is the fastest growing area in the shop and for good reason.  Shirts are something every business makes at some point.  Whether for special occasions, company give-aways, product lines for maker-businesses, or just for fun, we see a bit of everything come through the shop.

We can handle most types of t-shirt and textile printing, typically plastisol and water-based inks.  In general, I am more of a custom printer and not a contract printer for most of my clients which means I provide the garments.  Enquire for more info and we can work out any variables to get your designs printed.